My 2 cents and 25 photos to the 2018 BODAF


Around 600 photographers attended this year’s BODAF in Barcelona, Europe’s biggest convention for wedding photographers.

I was one of them. My approach at these conferences is always the same: Expect little and you’ll be positively surprised. And so it was, thanks to the organizers, translators, speakers and many many nice photographers.

And while I guess many are going to blog and write about their experiences (as Bettina Dalla Rosa did it already in a very nice way) I don’t consider myself important or my thoughts interesting enough to share them with the public. You were there – and if not, you should be next time! :) But I do want to share a few photos I took during and after the BODAF 2018 conference, mostly with my old, capricious, beloved medium-format Pentacon Six, my really shitty Samsung mobile and two photos with my at least half-way decent Canon 7D I use when travelling.


Mike Bielski - BODAF 2018 - Barcelona - wedding photographer conference


These guys shared their wisdom with us:

I love those „happy accidents“ as Bob Ross would say.

You wonder about the last photo? That’s Germany. Last sunday, late March 2018, covered in snow. Global warming doesn’t exist, the earth is flat and photography is dead.

Hell no!


Seeing my own photos, I changed my mind and don’t want to end this post like that, so I drop a few names and express my thanks to a bunch of people in no particular order:


Monica, you rock. And we’re fuckin‘ close neighbours in Berlin, yeah!

Faik, I really enjoyed our conversations, I might knock your door one day in Cyprus or meet you at Fearless.

Fabio, sei un grande. Ma ti ho gìa detto.

Roberto, lo stesso. Prendiamo un caffè presto a Berlino!

Rafal, whenever someone tells me that making videos (where I came from) isn’t art, I’ll show them your work.

Pedro, nice meeting you and thanks for the photo, espero te ver em breve!

Ian, nice meeting you too and sorry that I fucked up the focus on your photo and Gloria.


I’m always happy to receive comments, so ignore the German stuff on my site (that I’ll redo entirely in a few weeks on in English and German) and drop a few lines below!

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    • Mike Bielski

      Thanks Tom, so was your presentation about SEO. Actually no, you managed to create a useful and quite entertaining speech about a really boring (at least to me) topic – I on the other hand went to this amazing city of Barcelona and only took a handful of really good photos, most are just „nice“ IMHO.

  1. Faik

    Nice photos !! enjoyed too the conversation we had mate !! Sure we will meet again since we have this passion for photography

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