Going on a rickshaw to get married

These are really challenging times you’ve chosen to get married.

Masked thugs hide in the shadows of the streets, ready to steal unattended wedding bouqets. Masked photographers (that’d be me) aren’t allowed to attend the wedding ceremony in a +50m2 room. Masked registrars try to force you to accept a change to a normal office room, masked security guards won’t let you enter from the main entrance…

Challenge accepted. And you triumphantly defeated all obstacles! – well, except the thief of your bouqet, may karma punishs him (or her) without mercy.

Together we created a mountain of great pictures, over 250 in total and I couldn’t have taken a single one of these without you. Thank you so much!

You two were the main protagonists, but Petra and Jürgen, the translator, the organ grinder, the rickshaw, the weather, the wet tree trunk you cut like a hot knife cuts through butter… well, almost… they all contributed to your unique wedding, not forgetting your figurine friends.

But now enough talking, I let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sit back, relax, hold hands (except when you want to light a cigarette) and enjoy your wedding photos!

Note: If you click on a photo (for instance the first), it’ll be displayed in full screen and a slideshow starts – and photos always look better enlarged. So please don’t (only) watch them on a mobile, but on the biggest screen you can find.