Irish invasion of the Spreespeicher

„Good things come to those who wait“ is one of those stupid proverbs – that unfortunately proves itself again and again.

But now I’m happy to present you finally the full photo gallery with +600 pictures.

Of course you two were the main protagonists but your families and friends, Daniel the chauffeur, the good spirits from Spreespeicher, the great musician whose name my birdbrain can’t remember – simply everyone contributed to your marvelous wedding.

And honestly, I never witnessed sexy golf swings or a game of bingo that entertaining in my life.

Thanks for making Laura and me a part of your wonderful wedding!

But enough bla bla, a picture says more than a thousand words. Feel free to share this gallery with family, friends and foes!


Piece of advice: If you click on any photo (for instance the first), it’ll be shown in full screen mode and a slide show will start – and photos always look better big. So please don’t (only) look at them on your smartphone but on the biggest screen you can find. Enjoy!