sneak peek on your wedding photos

What a wedding!
A weather forecast telling us not to leave the house, a bride running late to the ceremony and a truly unique and unforgetable wedding party – I knew your wedding was going to be special but it got even more awesome than I expected.

Of course your families and friends contributed a big part but you absolutely killed it!

Big props to everyone at Laax and later Willi Mangler, they definitely deserve an honorable mention for doing such a great job.

But: Last night I loved you all, now I start to hate you. 😉

There are way too many great photos I need to select and edit.
For this quick ’n dirty sneak preview I tried to limit myself to 30 photos, then 50, then I thought not more than 70…

…and ended up with +100.

And this is only a sneak preview I edited roughly – and not a „best of.“

But enough bla bla, a picture says more than a thousand words.

Feel free to share this gallery with family, friends and foes!

Piece of advice: If you click on any photo (for instance the first), it’ll be shown in full screen mode and a slide show will start – and photos always look better big. So please don’t (only) look at them on your smartphone but on the biggest screen you can find. Enjoy!