„Good things come to those who wait“  is one of these stupid proverbs that unfortunately seems to be true.

But the waiting is over and if terribly exploited Football Players in England have to „work“ during the Christmas Holidays I shouldn’t complain that I just finished editing the last photos for you – with pleasure.

That’s the great thing, watching the photos makes us relive the day they were taken – and what a day that was!

A weather forecast telling us not to leave the house, a bride running late to the ceremony and a truly unique and unforgetable wedding party – I knew your wedding was going to be special but it got even more awesome than I expected.

Of course your families and friends contributed a big part but you absolutely killed it!

Big props to everyone at Laax and later Willi Mangler, they definitely deserve an honorable mention for doing such a great job.

There are 525 photos and I’m really happy to finally share them with you!

Feel free to share this gallery with family, friends and foes!

Piece of advice: If you click on any photo (for instance the first), it’ll be shown in full screen mode and a slide show will start – and photos always look better big. So please don’t (only) look at them on your smartphone but on the biggest screen you can find. Enjoy!