Only lovers left alive

sneak peek on your wedding photos

Two days earlier I learned about your existence when Lily called me and I fell immediately in love with people that crazy and spontaneous to organize a wedding party within a few days – and it got even more awesome than I expected.

Of course your friends contributed a big part but you fucking killed it.

Big props to Captain Marvin, Sunny and Eddy, they definitely deserve an honorable mention for somehow making the impossible possible and convinced the lock keepers to let our boat Josephine pass after midnight – way later than normally allowed.
The party (I didn’t catch the DJ’s name, sorry) and our tour along the canal and the Spree through Berlin was great.

But: Last night I loved you, now I start to hate you. 😉

There’s a shit– boatload of awesome photos I need to select and edit.
For this quick ’n dirty sneak preview I tried to limit myself to 20 photos, then 30, then 40…

…and ended up with 100. 😱 And this isn’t a „Best Of“ but merely a sneak preview I edited quick and dirty – you can expect more.

But enough bla bla, a picture say more than a thousand words.

Feel free to share this gallery with family, friends and foes!

Piece of advice: If you click on any photo (for instance the first), it’ll be shown in full screen mode and a slide show will start – and photos always look better big. So please don’t (only) look at them on your smartphone but on the biggest screen you can find. Enjoy!

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