Wow, what a wedding! Dear Sara, dear Andreas, you were awesome!

And you looked stunning! Your locations were really unique and of course your families and friends contributed big time to this unforgettable day.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!

Normally I select 10-15 photos for a little preview but in your case that was simply impossible. I tried to narrow it down to 20, I tried 30, I tried 40 pictures – here are 50 photos for you (and an out-of-focus selfie of us together in the end).

However this is definitely not a Best Of, but a sneak preview with only basic edits.

I recommend watching this gallery not on a smartphone but on the biggest screen you can find. If you click on any picture, a full screen slideshow will start.


Of course you are invited to share this gallery with all your friends. :)

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