Wow, what an awesome wedding! What a couple (yes, you)! What an honor for me to be part of it! Many thanks, muchisimas gracias, tausend Dank and tusen takk!


If I had to write a headline for your wedding it’d be:


German-Cuban wedding with many friends from Norway celebrating in the middle of nowhere in Brandenburg!


I don’t even want to think about what happened after  I left, but it’s not about me – important is that you had the party of your life.

Here is your photo gallery with many many pictures – if you think this isn’t enough, don’t worry – it isn’t, you’ll get even more photos than this.

Enough talking, I prefer letting the pictures speak for themselves.

Clicking on a photo changes the view to fullscreen (which is always better in my opinion). So please don’t watch them on a mobile phone but the biggest screen you can find.




Your comments make me happy, so please take my invitation and let me know what you think. And of course share the photos with all your friends! Thanks!

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