Hi Vera and colleagues,

the biggest challenge yesterday was finding the way to your office, taking your photos was a breeze. Thanks a lot for that!

Here’s the gallery of unedited photos, I only cropped them a bit and put a vignette around to make them look similar to the photos made in the past. The last photo of each person was selected as favorite picture – but feel free to change your mind.

In order to do so, do this: There’s an email and name field but that’s only required in order to distinguish several people, feel free to enter a fake email address and your favorite ice cream flavor or spiritual animal there and submit it. The page will reload autmatically and a checkbox (up left) will appear on each photo. Chose your one favorite picture and submit it.

Remember that the photos are still unedited but there’s a comment box in case you want to tell me something. Btw, as my business photo website is currently under construction, this is a quick ’n dirty workaround on my wedding site. Whatever works, right?


Have a great day!